Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aurora, Colorado

My heart is broken by all the things happening in our world right now.

I feel lost and alone and insecure. I feel like I don't want to leave my house again. Ever.

Of course I have left my house and gone to class but not without fear in the back of my mind. People are bad. People are dangerous. 

You know how your mom used to tell you "The whole world is not out to get you?" She was lying. I mean maybe not the whole world - but some people are.

I want someone else here to protect me. To tell me he'll keep me safe. To tell me I won't be going to movies anytime soon - even though I already know that and wouldn't argue one bit.

The world is too scary to be in by yourself.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lovely Blogger Award

Thank you SO MUCH Tess and Chelsea for nominating me! :)

I really love my blog friends and I appreciate all of you for making me feel accepted even though I'm not really "in the club" yet!

So here it is:

7 Things About Me That You Probably Never Wanted to Know:

1. I am completely OBSESSED with Disney Princesses. I realize I am about to graduate college and I should grow up but I really just can't help it. I have Disney Princess bedspread, pillows, posters, towels, curtains, and backpack. If you saw my room you would think it belonged to a 4-year-old...

2. I like to do laundry. I know, I know, I'm crazy. I just don't get what the big deal is and why everyone hates it? I like to organize things so I organize all my clothes and put them on their special cycles and then I feel so clean and accomplished when it's all done and put away! I am very obsessive about clean things and I can't use a towel more than two or three times and I feel the same way about my sheets. I just like to feel all clean! I do about a load every day or every other day to keep my hamper empty!

3. I LOVE LOVE the show Good Luck Charlie. It's my favorite TV show EVER and I think everyone should go watch it. Right now. Go. With your children. Or without them. It is a great show because it doesn't just focus on a teenage girl like other Disney shows. This one focuses on the entire family unit and I really love it - the mom "Amy Duncan" is my favorite!! I want to be her!

4. I really don't like even numbers. I can't stand them. I only want an odd number of kids, odd number of chocolate chips to eat, and an odd number of decorations on the wall. Odd numbers are just better!!

5. Any person who knew me in real life and read this blog would know within two seconds exactly who I am. That scares me so much but I don't think any of my friends would search for me under any of the "labels" I use in this blog. Surely not...right?! AAHHH! Sometimes I have nightmares of someone from school commenting here!

6. This kind of goes along with #1 but I also really like Disney Princes. Aladdin is my favorite movie of all time and the two boys I've ever really liked in my life have been tan with brown eyes, brown hair and had "Aladdin-like" features. 


Drum ROLL for #7....

7. The main reason I don't tell anyone here my real name is because I am going to be famous someday and I don't want anyone to be able to black mail me and use my blog against me!! (Or sell it to some paparazzi!) :D

I have made a lot of new friends here and I love all of you so I don't want to list blogs for fear of hurting anyone or leaving anyone out! If you are on my side blog roll then I love your blog and I keep up with it - even if I don't always comment! 

So look to your right and click on some of those awesome blogs!! 

I love you all and thanks again for being so kind to me!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just an Encouraging Word From Me To You

So I've read on several different blogs lately about those of you doing no-spanking challenges where you try to go a certain amount of time without receiving a punishment spanking

Some of you lofty goal-setters have set the bar high with a no punishment spanking for an entire year challenge (Chelsea and Christina)...

Others of you have opted for the one month or one week challenge...

And still others I've heard you toss around the possibility of going one day...(Kay....Stormy?)

Well, I'm just here to tell you that I believe in you. You can totally do it no matter what goal you set. But I just have to say....

I'm totally going to win ;)

Love you all!! <3

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th 2014

I decided I want to get married on the 4th of July.

I want fireworks to go off when we kiss

That's all.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Vanilla Post...or Is it?

First of all I just want to ask, which one of my posts is NOT vanilla?!

I like Vanilla. A lot. You could say I love it. Vanilla ice cream, vanilla yogurt, vanilla shakes, vanilla milk, vanilla bean coffee. I must always use REAL vanilla extract when cooking. Never that fake knock-off stuff. If its not real vanilla, I can always tell. I like vanilla scented candles, lotions, scnetsy, even my favorite eye shadow is called "vanilla cream."

I LOVE vanilla everything except in my marriage and my sex. HA! And I don't even know for sure about those two things - I'm just guessing.

It's weird to me that I like vanilla because I'd say my personality makes me seem like more of a rocky road double chocolate chunk with sherbet, whip cream and a cherry kinda gal.

I'm loud and boisterous and I lead mischief a lot. On April Fools I got all my classmates together and we went over to my professors house at night and chalked beautiful pictures all over his driveway. I also wrote a three page letter to the president of our college and got a bunch of people to sign it to get a different professor fired. (And if you just started feeling bad for that professor - don't. If you knew even half the things he did you would have been the first one in line to get him fired!)

With mischief like that you would think I would like strawberry carmel fudge drizzle with nuts and sprinkles.

But I don't.

I like vanilla. And I have vanilla posts on a vanilla blog about a not-very vanilla subject with some not-very vanilla friends.

And I like it that way.

It's sort of like French Vanilla.