Monday, July 2, 2012

Vanilla Post...or Is it?

First of all I just want to ask, which one of my posts is NOT vanilla?!

I like Vanilla. A lot. You could say I love it. Vanilla ice cream, vanilla yogurt, vanilla shakes, vanilla milk, vanilla bean coffee. I must always use REAL vanilla extract when cooking. Never that fake knock-off stuff. If its not real vanilla, I can always tell. I like vanilla scented candles, lotions, scnetsy, even my favorite eye shadow is called "vanilla cream."

I LOVE vanilla everything except in my marriage and my sex. HA! And I don't even know for sure about those two things - I'm just guessing.

It's weird to me that I like vanilla because I'd say my personality makes me seem like more of a rocky road double chocolate chunk with sherbet, whip cream and a cherry kinda gal.

I'm loud and boisterous and I lead mischief a lot. On April Fools I got all my classmates together and we went over to my professors house at night and chalked beautiful pictures all over his driveway. I also wrote a three page letter to the president of our college and got a bunch of people to sign it to get a different professor fired. (And if you just started feeling bad for that professor - don't. If you knew even half the things he did you would have been the first one in line to get him fired!)

With mischief like that you would think I would like strawberry carmel fudge drizzle with nuts and sprinkles.

But I don't.

I like vanilla. And I have vanilla posts on a vanilla blog about a not-very vanilla subject with some not-very vanilla friends.

And I like it that way.

It's sort of like French Vanilla.


  1. French vanilla does sound much more glamorous and exotic!

  2. Funny post JJ!

  3. That is what I love about you! You are awesome!

    1. aww thanks!! You are AWESOME too!! :D

  4. I and totally with you--vanilla flavor is terrible! Now the real thing...Completely different story.

    1. Yes flavor -yuk!! But I love the real thing...sometimes I add a little bit more than what the recipe says...shhh! ;)