Friday, June 1, 2012

Why I Should Marry a Doctor

Well, why shouldn't I?

This past week was my birthday week and it got me reflecting on my life and the many phases I have gone through! My mom and I were laughing about all the "man-I'm-going-to-marry phases." I've had several and I thought it would be funny to share! 

*An emo kid/Musician
    Age: 7th to 8th grade
    Pro: He could write me songs!
    Con: I was depressed enough in jr. high without an emo boy's influence! 

Sexy voice: Hey babe, I slit my wrists in the shape of a heart just for you!!

*A jock
   Age: 9th - 10th grade
   Pro: They are super popular! And then I could be super popular too!
   Con: Sometimes, specifically in high school, jocks tend to be a little more on the jerky stuck up side

Sexy Voice: Hey babe, I'd like to make a touchdown on you!


    Age: 11th grade 
    Pro: We could pretend that there is lava on the floor and jump around on the beds and he could rescue me from "fires" and "put me out" ;)
    Con: I still can't think of a con for this. Firemen are HOTT!
Sexy Voice: Hey babe, will you hold my fire hose?

*Youth Pastor

  Age: 12th grade  Pro: A man who can get away with dressing in skinny jeans and converse even when he's 34.
  Con: Jr. High drama from the youth group all the time? yuk!
Sexy voice: Hey baby, lets pray before we get it on.
   Age: 18 - 19
    Pro: He's a vamp. Duh. Fighting of werewolves, rich, feeds on blood, he glitters - I mean what could be sexier right??
     Con: This type of man is exceptional difficult to find.
Sexy voice: I should kill you but I love you so much that I'm going to just make out with you instead.

   Age: 20 - 21
   Pro: Yes I know, you can make fun of me if you want but  profs are SEXY! They are in charge, educated, tough and fun to debate with.
     Con: They are all old and married. Sad day. Can't there be some 25 year old somewhere with his PhD?!?

Sexy voice: Hey Baby, you really want to make an A?


     Age: 21 - present
     Pro: First and foremost because I am a hypochondriac so instead of going on WebMD every five minutes I could just ask him. Second, he would be mature and educated and that's important to me. Third, well, doctors are just totally HOTT.
    Con: The hours he would have to work :(
Sexy Voice: Hey babe! Wanna play doctor? 


So I'm still in my doctor phase now. So if you know of any sexy doctors...send them my way! ;)


  1. Oh good post JJ! It is funny the phases we go through with the different types of guys we think we want. I remember when I was younger I wanted a party animal, musician, writer type. Couldn't be any different than my quiet geeky guy who can't spell to save his life, LOL! :) It's amazing how God knows just who we need though. Can't wait to see who He has for you!

    Hugs, Molly Rose

    1. LOL Yes I am sure I will get someone who is so totally off my radar and I will be so surprised! :D Thanks for reading! :)

  2. lol I got a kick out of this post. It's funny the different phases we go through, isn't it? I just hope you find the perfect guy for you, regardless of his profession. ;)

    1. Thanks! Yes I hope I don't change my mind too many more times!! I think I will find him...some day :)

  3. Great post! very funny, and very true! And I agree, there would be many benefits to marrying a doctor!

    1. hehe!! ;) I agree there would be many benefits!! LOL Thanks :D

  4. Very cute post JJ. One day the right guy will come along for you. I married later in life so I know it can happen:)

    1. aww thanks for the encouragement! I feel like my life is half over! haha :)

  5. How about a dentist... so much better hours. Work 4 to 5 days per week insted of ALWAYS. God Bless You with the best, Belle L.

    1. Maybe that will be my next phase!! "Hey baby, want me to brush your teeth ;)" LOL

  6. Thank you for the Sunday morning giggle JJ. I will surely keep my eye open for the young doctor or even the young prof. LOL, you are funny!

    1. lol You are welcome! And hey thanks for keeping an eye out! :D

  7. Gone have to add that vampires are cold, and therefore any type of cuddling would be impossible to enjoy. That one is a big nono for me!

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