Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Vampire HOH

I'm sure you've all at least heard of Twilight. You know - the classic vampire story, where he falls in love with a human and it's hard because he can't decide if he wants to suck her blood or make out with her.

It's all silliness right?! I mean WHO in the heck would wait in line for thirteen hours this past Wednesday and have specially made "Team Edward" t-shirts just to see the silly 12:01am release of Breaking Dawn?

**shyly raises hand**

Oh yeah, Me. I did that. I hate to admit that I am one of those girls - I mean, I am an adult after all. I can pay my bills and kill spiders and do all sorts of adult-like things. But for some reason when I am sitting in the theatre with my best friend I turn in to a squealing, giggling, uncivilized, thirteen-year-old girl and I can't help it.

And I am not the only one. There were hundreds of females from ages 5 to 75 in line, flocking to see Edward and why? Because they want a man who is in charge like him.

They SAY "I want a boy like Edward who is a vampire and who can read my mind and sparkle and be perfect in every way." (unrealistic expectations much??)

But what they MEAN is "I want a man who is in charge and in control like Edward. I want an HOH"

I think pop culture unknowingly encourages DD relationships - and it's funny to me. People hear of DD and think "what?! That's crazy!! I would NEVER want that in my relationship!" Yet they swoon at stories that have aspects of DD.

I want an HOH like Edward. But if he doesn’t run fast, sparkle, read my mind or want to suck my blood, I am okay with that.

What do you guys think? Do you see elements of DD in pop culture?? 


  1. You know there are LOADS of fan fiction out there don't you?
    Loads of Edward and BDSM ones too ;)

    Oh and i watched BD at a cinema doing the Twilight marathon -ALL 4 movies in a night =D wicked!
    Welcome to Bloggerland!

  2. That explains the Team Edward t-shirts I've seen on Failbog and Demotivational, with Edward Scissorhands' picture on them. Sorry, I haven't read Twilight yet, but it's on my bookshelf, waiting...


  3. I have recently come across some stories about Twilight and bdsm - normally id read them but for me it ruins twilight
    But Edwards character is awesome that HOH aspect and leadership and being in control is waht makes him so attractive to me over Jacob.
    Go team Edward
    love and hugs kiwi xxx

  4. Sweet girl - haha! Yes I have read some but I try to stay away from it because I feel like it's bad for me! It takes up too much of my time! And I saw all 4 movies at a marathon showing too! It was awesome!! :)

    Hermione - you should read them!! They are GREAT! The books are WAY better then the movies!

    Kiwiwgirlie - I agree! I read a few but it's not for me. Team Edward all the way! :D

  5. Hermione: it's a must read!

    kiwi my friend trust me they won't ruin twilight for you! I can give you some suggestions -the best one ever is Master of the Universe! It's been pulled from the internet because she got it published! Yay!! So if you think it might spoil it for you, buy the book (I swear you won't be disappointed, but oh i think it's split into three books -she literally wrote all this in 1 year!), due to copyright all the names have been altered but all characters are the same. It's called Fifty Shades of Grey

    There's another trilogy on Twilighted called *The Submissive *The Dominant *The Training all wicked and guaranteed to make you leave snailmarks :P (all non-vampire) Clipped Wings and Inked Armour is wicked too but not BDSM, veery angsty!
    There's another site called FF .
    Both these sites have loads and loads and heaps of good stuff! But like you say, it's easy it takes up 24hrs of your day :P I know i could forget to sleep for like 2 days straight sometimes *LOL*

    OK, end of advert.


    Team Edward, Team Rob & Team Fifty =P

  6. I LOVE the Twilight series. I like the movies, but I liked the books a lot more. After watching Breaking Dawn I decided to re-read Twilight, I can't believe how much there is that they left out of the movie. I wish they could re-make it. But anyway, to answer your question, I do think pop-culture understands the appeal of the strong protective guy. I'm trying to think of another example but I can't come up with one now. Just look at any romance novel and you will see it.
    BTW, if you liked Twilight, you would probably really enjoy the Outlander series.
    Also, welcome to blogging!

  7. Never saw Twilight. Maybe I should...