Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Spy a DD Couple

Okay so maybe I am paranoid. Actually, I KNOW I am...but I swear I saw a DD couple.

I was studying with my friends (story of my life! All I ever do is homework! UG!) at a restaurant and we were getting a little restless. We had been studying for several hours and I don't have a long attention span so I often find myself people watching. I was studying a waitress intently as she cleaned the booth right next to us and then set the table for new customers. The booth wasn't empty long and soon an older couple (I say older as in like age 55 - yes I realize that isn't old - I only said older ;) ) sat down.

The first thing I noticed is that they were holding hands. Awww! Then they went and sat down NEXT to each other in the booth - on the same side. I hardly ever see couples do that!!

One of my two majors in college is about marriage - so I am always watching married people and their communication patterns and the way they interact with one another, etc. I was very interested and I started studying them intently. They were snuggling up next to each other while reading the menus and giggling as they discussed what to order.

After placing their order the husband got out his phone and they began looking at facebook pictures. AND THEN THE HUSBAND SAID "oh look at this picture! She needs a spanking!" and his wife said "Oh stop!" and playfully hit him!

I almost. fell. out. of. my. booth.

My mouth dropped down to the floor but of course I was with my friends so I couldn't say anything! None of them had heard - they were all engrossed in their books.

I kept thinking maybe this is someone I know! Maybe it's someone from blogland!

I watched them carefully the whole rest of the time, while I was studying for my tests, of course. I'm sure they thought I was such a creep! As they left I gave them both a large smile as if to say "I know your secret!" The husband smiled back sweetly as he escorted his wife out, hand in hand.

**sigh** Someday it will be me.


  1. I'd say they definitely are a Dd couple. That couple actually sounds like my husband and I except we're in late 20s and early 30s, but we sit on the same side of the booth when we go out together without the kids.

    1. yeah I think they were! Or spankos at least :)

  2. Maybe someday JJ. In the meantime, I do wonder if they realized that you were onto them.

    1. I don't know! I wondered that too! I kind of doubt it - they seemed pretty wrapped up in each other :)

  3. How fun! Michael and I often sit across from each other. We like to look at each other and hold hands across the table. Mind you, it's not all that often we even get to eat out alone anyway, usually we have the kids with us. ;)

  4. Ok, so you don't know me yet, but I stumbled onto your blog and read the whole thing, and this post cracked me up. I SOOO people watch, and when it looks DD--I'm just like you. Definitely checking it out, lol. Anyway--I'm Grace, loving the blog. :)