Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Submissive Wife Kit for Christmas

None of my family or friends know that I am wanting to practice DD in my future marriage, BUT I have changed a lot of my ideas about what I want and I've been pretty verbal about it...and they've definitely noticed!! For Christmas I was showered with things to compliment my new future lifestyle :)

We had Christmas at my Aunt's house and I hadn't asked for anything this year so I didn't know what to expect. First gift was from my cousin:

She made me a SUPER cute apron!

(Really good for cooking my hubby wonderful dinners!!)

I didn't really think anything could top that. Next two gifts were from my two best friends! New knitting needles and books!

I love knitting!! And now I can make better scarves for my hubby and kids for the winter!! :)

Next gift was from my Aunt. She can be a little eccentric at times so I just smile and say thanks but this year she said she "heard about my new interest in cooking and thought this would be good."

New kitchen utensils!! Including - YEP - wooden spoons and spatulas! :) 

Perfect for - well you know. :)

Best. Christmas. Ever.


  1. Awesome! :) How nice that your friends and family picked up on your new interests and found some nice gifts for you.

  2. What lovely gifts! You're a special person to allow your family and friends to know your marriage with be special without giving them details.


  3. Kitchen utensils make great pervertables! You can never have enough wooden spoons, I think. Best of luck on your marriage!

  4. It's as if they all knew your future plans and made sure you got the right gifts to start you on your way.

    Happy New Year!