Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marriages in the Movies

Ever see marriages that could use a do I put this....DD?! I know DD is not for everyone and I of course wouldn't suggest everyone try it - but I do often see marriages that I just think need

 Ever heard of Good Luck Charlie? I, being a young college student, still like watching Disney channel and Good Luck Charlie is my favorite show as of late. I love observing the way people interact and the way the writers present certain issues. The marriage between the parents on this show is always hysterical and I love the things they go through together - but I would never want my marriage to be that way. Amy Duncan (the mom in the show) is completely in control and walks all over Bob and the kids not only encourage it but they become a part of it too.

This was the only clip I could find that semi-showed what I'm talking about. In most of the shows the mom is comically over-ruling and belittling  the dad - often in front of the kids and other friends.

I still love the show A LOT and I even laugh when the wife makes off-handed extremely disrespectful comments. But it does make me concerned about how often marriages are portrayed this way and how it is seen as so normal and so comical. Feeling disrespected isn't funny in real life.

Do you see shows like this or is it just me?? One of the best examples I can think of where I see what I would call a healthy marriage portrayed is in The Incredibles! They support each other in front of the kids and try to be kind and understanding of each other even when their family was going through a rough time.

What shows or movies do you see that either portray good marriages or not-so-good? 


  1. I see lots of not so good ones, but I'm trying to think of a good portrayal without ha ing to all the way back to Little House on the Prairie. LOL! I'll keep thinking...maybe someone else will have some good ideas. Good to see a post!

  2. You know, for some reason I'm just drawing a blank. I'll have to think on this and get back to you I guess! ;)

  3. The marriage of Eric and Tammy Taylor on "Friday Night Lights" (the TV show, not the movie) is the healthiest marriage on a TV show in the last 20 years or so. I can't make it into a DD marriage even if I stretch my imagination, but as a model of what a marriage between two strong, dedicated people in the modern world might be, it can't be beat. It helps that it's on one of the best shows of the last several years, too. Go back and start at Season 1, and see if you're not hooked.